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Fornuftens siste utpost

En liten motvekt mot det meningsløse

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I`m a girl from Norway. I have many interests and I love animals, my family, the color blue, Johnny Depp, and much more.
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My Doll
abba, alice in wonderland, allo allo, angela anaconda, are kalvø, asoue, astronomer mot orddeling, autumn, baby-sitters club, babyz, bambi, barbie, bertine zetlitz, betty boop, books, brambly hedge, bratz, bratz babyz, candybar, cats, charlotte, cheating with sister's boyfriends, chicken korma, chocolate, claire's, claire's accessories, clarice bean, clothes, dancing, daria, daydreaming, decora, dirty rotten scoundrels, doll collecting, dolphins, eeyore, egl, egyptology, elg, elger, elouai, emily the strange, eva och adam, fanfics, fashion, fear street, figureskating, flavio scalini, fransesca lia block, friends, fruits, ganjiro, gentlemen, great britain, green day, green eyes, h&m, harry potter, having fun, helene uri, herr flick, himegyaru, hong kong, hugs, iceland, insane doppelgangers, internet, ipod, italy, jacqueline wilson, jade, jewellery, johnny depp, judy moody, lady lovelylocks, languages, last of the summerwine, lila fowler, lizzie mcguire, llamas, london, lord of the rings, magazines, making homepages, marilyn monroe, marit larsen, marzipan, mean girls, mendy das wusical, michelle/henriette, molly moon, moomin, mooses, mozell, mulan, musicals, mythology, nemi, new york, norge, norway, olsen twins, olsenbanden jr, orlando bloom, paddington, pale skin, penguins, piglet, pine hollow, pirates of the caribbean, rabbit/tigger, rachel mcadams, randomness, rapunzel, raspberries, ravenclaw, reading, remus lupin, ruby gloom, rupert grint, sabrina the teenage witch, sale, shopgirl, shopping, snow, social anxiety disorder, sweet lolita, tall dark strangers, tea, teddy bears, the babysitters club, the clique, the golden girls, the historian, the saddle club, the sims, tl-klubben, ufos, used bookstores, vanessa chirurg, vivienne westwood, w.i.t.c.h., wendybladet, west side story, william moseley, winx, writing, wusical, yetis, yoga